Rabska fjera

The first and largest medieval summer fair in Croatia, Rabska fjera is based on tradition started 21st of July 1364, when the City Council of Rab decided to celebrate and honor King Louis the Great who freed them from the Venetian rule, as well as holiday honoring St. Christophor, patron saint of the town of Rab. Fjera used to last for 14 days celebrate and praise the saints powers that supposedly saved the town from destruction. 

The entire island goes back in time during those days. Small artisan stores move to the streets, so you can have your belt or a perfumed pomade made infront of your eyes, while your hair is being braided with tiny flowers into a typical do from the medeival times. Freshly fried šulčići are served and at the beach an entire fishermen village is built altogether with the traditional tools, machines and even toys for children. Air is filled with the song and music, while tuna, fritule, cheese and wine are served to passers by. 

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Rab musical evenings

Lovers of classical music have been enjoying exclusive program of Rab Music Nights since 1986. and every year they would get to listen to 12 or more amazing classical concerts. Over 200 performers and solo acts, ansambles and orchestras of world reputation have graced us with their presence, like Dunja Vejzović, Ljerka Očić, Orkestar Hrvatskog narodnog kazališta Ivana Pl. Zajca iz Rijeke, Collegium pro musica sacra etc.

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Knightly tournaments

Founded in 1995. Island of Rab Crossbowmen Association has since organized more than 140 tournaments (and counting) on the island, as well as in many other Croatian towns and abroad. 

Association counts 248 members: crossbowmen, trumpeters, buglers, flag bearers, dancers, music players, gunners and squires, who participate in the tournament in the town of Rab under a flag simbolizing various fraternities of Rab, i.e. the villages and town of Rab. Their crossbows weigh from 18 to 25 kg and they use them hit a cocoon-like target (called Tuljak) from a distance of 36.5 m using a 0.15 kg arrow. Weapons were made by the crossbowmen themselves with assistance of crossbowmen of San Marino (balestrieri).

Rab Crossbowmen Association show is regularly held on May 9, June 25, St. Christopher’s Day (July 27) and Feast of Assumption (August 15).

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This is probably the best triathlon in the Croatian championship. Every year, it attracts more than 200 competitors to the island of Rab. The well-tended cycling trails, the dense forest interwoven with walking trails, the emerald and blue sea and the hospitality of your hosts are the best invitation for triathletes to visit Rab. The competition starts at 13:00 in Suha Punta next to the Hotel Carolina, continues to the cove of Matovica and then on to Soline. The swimming part of the race is in Suha Punta Cove. Some say that the view alone that one enjoys along the track is a reward in itself, but at the end of the race there is still an award ceremony and a closing celebration for all the participants. 

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Rab Trekking race

Rab Trekking race is a trekking event garnished with a large helping of unspoilt nature. Rab Trekking race usually takes place in November and is intended for amateur runners and professionals, male and female alike. There are three levels of competition: recreational runners, mountaneering runners and ultra (meaning 10, 25 or 35 km track length). Choose the one that fits your form and enjoy the autumn sun and stunning vistas.

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Rab MTB marathon

Starting this year we are introducing Rab mountain bike marathon. It is an all terrain race, taking place on various surfaces like asphalt, concrete, forest paths and gravel roads. Both of the routes (40 and 80 km) were inspected by the members of Croatian Cycling Federation, who concluded their inspection with: "because of the beautiful locations, and scenary It is going to be one of the most interesting MTB races, perfect for recreational competitors, and challenging for the profesionals..."

So gRab the bike and Ride - see you on the Happy island of Rab

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