Lopar-San Marino

Lopar/San Marino is a picturesque settlement to the North of the Rab Island, situated approximately 14 km from the Town of Rab.  The inhabitants of Lopar are proud of their former co-inhabitant, stone mason Marin, who on Mount Titan (Italy) established the well known but tiny country of San Marino.

Beside the rich and fertile valley, Lopar boasts the most beautiful, 2 km long, sandy beach, otherwise known as Paradise Beach (Rajska plaza).  The finest of sand, shallow, crystal clear and warm sea water (up to 28°C in the Summer months), the greenest pine forest which offers protection and shade are surely just some of the reasons why numerous guests, especially those with small children, are attracted. Other beaches – Sahara, Ciganka and Stolac are generally visited by nudists. 

Located within close vicinity of Paradise Beach is a large sports centre containing a variety of playing fields and courts (tennis, football, basketball, volleyball), minigolf, table tennis, water slide and a variety of other water sports activities. Comfortable accommodation can be found in many private homes, a large auto camp, or hotel village “San Marino”. 

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