NUMERO UNO  travel agency

Banjol 30, 51280 Rab

OIB: 51891541378

ID Code-HR-AB-51-040079058



LOPAR 489, 51281 LOPAR

00385 51 775 073


Working hours with users

01.01.-01.06     10,00-12,00
01.06.-01.07     08.30-20.00
01.07.-01.10     08.30-21.30
01.10.-01.01     10.00-12.00

The work of the travel agency is subject to official supervision to the State Inspectorate of the Tourist Inspection Service

Department manager
Silvano Kurelić

How to file a complaint Based on Art. 21. Law on Provision of Tourism Services (OG 130/17), in conjunction with Art. The Consumer Protection Act (OG 79 / 07,125 / 07, 79/09 and 89 / 09,133 / 09, 78/12, 56/13 and 41/14/110/15) informs consumers that complaints or objections to the quality of our products or services can be delivered to our email address: Travel agency NUMERO UNO d.o.o, BANJOL 30 - 51280 RAB, OIB 51891541378 With complaint please send: your name and last name and address, so that within 15 days we can give you a written response to your complaint within 15 days, so you can improve your quality and satisfaction.

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