Barbat is the first settlement which you will encounter upon arrival at the ferry terminal located in rocky and inhospitable looking Mišnjak. Numerous holiday homes are strung out along the coastline. Here the modern and traditional blend together: notwithstanding lucrative tourist related incomes, many families have not deserted the old way of life, continuing to cultivate agricultural land and vineyards, honey production and fishing. Many of these products, considered to be amongst the best on the island, are served to guests. 

Proximity to the sea, numerous bays and inlets for swimming, Dolin Island which is located directly opposite the settlement thereby protecting Barbat channel from cold winds and storms, are surely just some of the reasons why many guests and sailors chose to return year after year. Connoisseurs of historic artefacts will enjoy mount Saint Domjan, ruins of an antique Christian church and ancient Greek fortress.


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